These are all questions that people ask us daily. We aren't really sure of some of the answers even, but this is our best shot. Enjoy!

Q: How did you come up with the name "Boonie?"

A: We were honestly just throwing around possible name ideas, and Boonie seemed to stick.


Q: Why do you hand-sew everything? Isn't that too time consuming?

A: We kind of enjoy sitting down and making each order we get. It can get a little exhausting when we have to sit down and make 10+ hats in one night, but it adds a cool personal touch to every order we get!


Q: Where do you guys get your designs from?

A: Every design that turns into a patch/pin/sticker/anything, comes directly from us! Everything is our original artwork and we think that is one of the reasons our patches are so cool. 


Q: What if I want to mix and match a certain patch with a certain cap/shirt?

A: We are very open to custom orders!! Let us know what you were thinking, and we will try to make it work. We have had a couple custom hat orders so far, and they turned out great!


Q: Can I have free stuff to flaunt to all of my friends???

A: No! Don't you have any manners? We are way more likely to throw in extra goodies with a big order than we are to give them to someone who has never supported Boonie. Ya dig?


Q: What is 1+1?

A: 2.


Q: How do I iron on a patch?

A: Put the patch in the desired spot on your jacket, bag, etc., place a towel or shirt over the patch, turn your iron on high with full steam, and iron the patch for 30+ seconds. Repeat the same process on the underside of the article.


Q: How long does is take my order to ship?

A: We use USPS First Class 3-5 business day shipping, and occasionally will upgrade to Priority 2 day shipping for promotional purposes or larger orders. 

*If you haven't received your order, let us know at booniepatchco@gmail.com. We will make it right.